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I've been doing enterprise architecture for years now. Nothing on Earth will tempt me into that cloud. I would rather work at McDonalds than sully myself with, what I believe will one day be, a massive red flag on my CV.

I'm not just being a grumpy old fucker either. There are real risks that I wouldn't be able to control and would have no way of overcoming them with a clever design if that environment couldn't be constructed 'just-so'.

For example, the environment I've just designed is highly secure and hosts a number of critical analysis tools for the overall network. Some users will end up logging in to this environment to use those tools and to them it will be 'a cloud'. However, as far as I'm concerned this is a highly bespoke, tailored to fit, security solution end to end.

It simply couldn't be done in the cloud: it's been hard enough to control the risks when I have a huge say in what goes into the design and what gets thrown out because we can't secure it fully.

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