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Serverless: Should we be scared? Maybe. Is it a silly name? Possibly

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That's has been the holy grail for some time, remember the CASE hype, than the visual programming hype, etc. etc.

The hard truth is that finding exactly pre-made components that do exactly what you want, and just link them together with a little, simple glue code doesn't work outside simple demos.

Programmers are usually tasked to create applications that before were not avalable to tackle specific needs, because each customer needs may be different enough to require skills.

Sure, you didn't implement a database server from scratch, you bought it. So, "serverless" looks to mean "server software applications, just you don't buy them, you rent them from the cloud", and then you glue them together as you always did when you got data from your FTP server and then run data through an ETL software to load them into a DB to process them and then have data shown in your business analytics application. Just you do in the cloud, with some new server as well to process new kind of data like voice or the like.

It's OK, I'm just sure the requirements and the orchestration of all the different pieces becomes quickly enough so complex you still need a programmer to implement all of them, plus the UI to let user access them.

Otherwise, we'll se a lot of badly written, unmaintenable, ad-hoc arcane scripts - using services that today are here, and tomorrow you hope they're still there and didn't go bust and disappear. At least when the server and code were local, you could run them until you got a replacement....

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