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Battery cars - a premature technology

I just think that forcing a switch to battery cars will turn out like the forced switch to CFL lightbulbs. A better tech came along not long after in the shape of the LED. Suddenly, you couldn't sell the things, not even for 20p each. Forcing the premature uptake of a new technology seldom turns out well.

Fuel cell technology may well advance to the point where it can replace the IC engine, using similar fuels. Or, perhaps alcohols. If that is developed in a few years time then there will be a monster pile of battery cars that nobody wants. Which will not be good for the environment.

We have been using IC engines for a century anyway. There is no justification for a mad rush to replace them. The Green Party pollution scare claims don't seem to be backed up by DEFRA figures, which indicate that pollution levels have fallen over the last few decades, not increased. -Who is telling the truth here? Personally, I'd go with DEFRA.

Then again, most existing IC engines can be modified to use hydrogen. The efficiency is not quite as good as a fuel cell, but the capital cost is far lower and the pollution reduction about the same.

We should wait for a better solution. Especially as developments like the Bloom Box suggest that it might not be far away.

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