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Well, if I recall correctly Playboy also once opted to stop using nude models in order to "get with the modern times". Read that in the news and I don't know if this was a global decision or only from the local brand in my country, but yeah: probably needless to say that it didn't go well and a few months later I read that it had been reversed. Gee, I wonder why? ;)

But about those interviews... Seriously though. they have printed some really good articles and interesting interviews over the years (those I'm aware off). When I was a kid I bought a few Playboys myself (2 years worth in total, still have some of those) and I recall one of the issues even containing an interview with Khadaffi. That's something you don't get to read everyday. Heck, the (Dutch) May issue from 1990 even has an interview with Donald Trump, something which recently became a lot more interesting (the only reason I recall that is because I looked this up not too long ago).

Of course I'm not trying to claim that the interviews were the main reason I bought those of course :)

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