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@ST you are right and I am right - I was referring to Meltdown (not to Specre) so we agree on this. The speculative execution on its own can also cause Spectre "class" of bugs which are cheaper (performance wise) to work around, as compared to Meltdown one. The numbers I keep seeing on for Specre are consistently under 5% (usually around 1%), but numbers for Meltdown easily exceed 10% if your system is doing little more IO or other kernel-related activities. This is why I believe that AMD (not being affected by Meltdown) have now huge performance win against Intel, which is not reflected by old benchmarks, at all. On related note - I wonder if GPU intensive application (i.e. games) need context switch to communicate with the GPU. If so, then gaming benchmarks are going to be affected a lot, too.

You are also right on explaining that speculative execution issue is not just "implementation", it is more of a design issue. Just let me have that simplification, ok?

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