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[...] benchmarks comparing Intel (with crappy buggy speculative execution which allows user code crossing kernel boundary) against AMD ones (which would not allow such violation in its own, slightly less buggy, implementation of speculative execution)

Lets be fair here, neither chip has buggy speculative execution. This isn't a bug, the chips work as expected; it's a side channel attack, the processor leaks information that after A LOT of trial an error can be used to figure out what's in certain memory locations. It's just that trial and error on a CPU can be quite quick... and the internet allows it to be done remotely, often without the users knowledge.

I know it's only a small point, but a lot of the press, especially the less technical press are making it out like this is a huge bug that should've been noticed, rather than a perfect storm of unintended side effects that's taken 20 years to figure out.

It's like how posting your holiday photos whilst on holiday make your house more attractive to thieves. It's not your intention, or a 'bug' in Facebook, it's just an unintended consequence.

The reality is, the more complex systems become the more things like this will appear.

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