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Um ... Have you seen the benchmarks for Ryzen and Eypc? The only area where Intel has a clear advantage anymore is gaming, on everything else Ryzen goes toe-to-toe with Core i-whatever. And in servers, Eypc is actually was better dollar-for-dollar than anything Intel has to offer before these patches. You can buy 32 core Eypc processors for much much less than a 24 core Xeon. AMD is competitive again. The issue is perception and Intel's marketing. Intel helps fund commercials for companies which promote their product. This is a standard practice, because I have a friend in the HVAC business who has ads paid for by Carrier corporation for his business because he sells a lot of their units. AMD doesn't have the cash to overcome perception and marketing just yet.

Another thing, it takes about 2 years from design to production for each new CPU. Assuming Intel learned about this in July of 2017 and started right away fixing it, that would put them at July 2019 before they have a fixed CPU. And that is pretending they also knew about Spectre at the time too. Pretending AMD learned about Spectre recently, that would put them in January 2020 before they have a patched CPU too.

Intel does lie. What they have been telling people is that AMD is affected too, they have just not told them that AMD is not affected as much as Intel is.

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