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Re: Intel "shouldn't be selling CPUs?"

"What's the world supposed to do for CPUs in the meantime?"

At least customers can have some informed consent on the chips they have been buying in last 6 months that Intel KNEW were borked (and possibly they knew of the flaw even before 6 months ago). I'd expect at least a discount / partial refund on any chips bought in the last 6 months. And given that Intel had 6 months to work on a software mitigation patch, isn't the least to be expected that it was properly tested? Maybe the Register jumped the gun by a couple of days, but the disclosure was due anyway, Intel should have thrown as much resources as it took to fix this on time.

"Even if AMD's CPUs were 100% bug free, for many workloads they are slower than Intel CPUs with the fixes applied"

I'm not an expert on chip performance is this confirmed anywhere? Anyone?

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