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Good answer. I mostly agree. I'd just say that I think the round corner thing is akin to getting Al Capone on tax evasion. Sometimes the law doesn't get an offender on the obvious offence.

Some copying of Apple is good. But the case against it is that a company can take a lot of risk with a technology and have spent of lot of money developing and perfecting it as Apple has done. Then others do a really cheap copy and market it as being the same. Look at Microsoft with Windows - rushed to market in 1983 to beat Macintosh. However, in that case MS really did steal some of Apple's programming.

It seems obvious now that Macintosh and then iPhone should have been a success. But when developing a product, you can do your best, but there is always the stress that it just will not be accepted. And yes, we could say that Apple does not leave the acceptance factor to chance either.

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