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Let me clarify some things as an IBM storage sales guy...

A lot of the comments here are really way off base. The DS8K has competition from EMC and Hitachi so just because a customer is refreshing their mainframe doesn't make the storage deal a given at all. I am an IBM storage sales guy so I'm speaking from experience. It's a competitive battle the customer can absolutely buy a Mainframe and get EMC storage and no IBM will not sacrifice it's mainframe profitability to help the storage brand they are silod. So if the storage guys win a DS8K deal its on its own merits. Also another comment I want to debunk that we mostly sell/attach to power or mainframe customers. In my patch specifically the majority of my customers run intel, the majority are Cisco UCS or Lenovo and funny enough lots of the power customers are on Netapp storage. So if I manage to refresh a Power customer with IBM storage than it's a win. So this fantasy that just because there is an IBM server footprint we magically get the storage business is false. Those deals were legitimately won from competition. Also I have tons of customers using my storage with HP servers or other brand servers. Quite frankly because we are a separate brand it doesn't matter unless its Cisco because for that we have our converged offering called VersaStack which I have also sold a lot off. Lots of competitive battles being won by IBM storage folks on their own merits nothing is being handed to us so if it's growing in this crowded space that's an achievement. But one thing this article leaves out, is it's not just the tech. IBM has some of the best services support people on the ground in the business and this is something very often overlooked as everyone "claims" to have great support which isn't true. This is still where IBM shines imho having one of the largest services organizations in the business so when things fail we can actually support you with an army of people Fun fact IBM services actually does a ton of Netapp and EMC support as well. As an IBM storage sales guy I don;t love that but it means I have a larger services support organization than them in the geo and I can support my customers better. Make sense?

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