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F-35 'incomparable' to Harrier jump jet, top test pilot tells El Reg


I'm sure I'll get plenty of down votes, considering the amount of people shouting out things without using much thought or because they place their own prejudices into it.

Terrorists using drones against modern forces is pretty much a waste. Due to the technology they use and resources required, it's actually a negative force multiplier. Primarily because their signals can be tracked and you can't just make one from garage parts. Then there is the fact, they run by line of sight and are easily jammed and shot down.

The USA was able to become a country based on the warfare technology they were able to create along with manpower from the French. Technology wise, the USA found technology to make their small arms much more accurate, quicker to load, and much more reliable. This wasn't something they stole from the UK.

80s and 90s Technology and Japan. Yes, Japan flourished during this time, but not with actually creating the technology but rather manufacturing it. Cheap labor was the biggest factor here.

Technology during this time came from all over. For instance the Dutch had quite a few advancements which spawned off into other items. The USA developed magnetic research (which they didn't steal), and continued with creating most of the processors used by nearly every technology during the day. Again, it wasn't stolen. The USA also declassified a lot of technology they alone developed and didn't steal. Such as high resolution imagery/lenses, fine microwave tech, GPS, lasers, etc.

I'm willing to bet no matter what country you live it, you've taken this technology for your own use.

F35 is what it is. Based on early mock live competitions as well as simulator combat the F35 is far superior to the F18 hornet. Not quite as effective as the F22, but you have to look at the role differences. The F35 can do things the F18 simply cannot, and this goes beyond the VSTOL capabilities.

It's easy to look at things from a narrowed view and repeat things others (who have their own agenda) say.

Seeing this is a forum full of IT professionals, you have the intelligence to take a few minutes and critically think about things and be objective; so try it out. This... we are better and smarter than anybody else attitude is ridiculous; not to mention... how often has this 'attitude' gotten you anywhere?

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