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@spartacus: + 1 for most of the post.

However for this:

" I think the reason it was deemed legal to invade (Iraq) in 2003 was that they were still in breach of the ceasefire agreement from 1991 - which they'd never complied with despite ten years of inspections and sanctions."

The UN reasoning was a bust caused by US pressure. It basically went something like this:

UN - show us that you have completely disarmed from WMDs

Iraq - Here is a mountain of documents to show our compliance

US - They Lie!

UN - You got to prove that you don't have any prohibited weapons

Iraq - Can't prove a negative, can YOU prove we have any?

US - We can't, but 9/11 happened and we don't want to attack the Saudis who actually did it, so we'll attack Iraq instead


All - So, US, what happened to all those WMDs?

US - mumble mumble.... look behind you, a terrorist!

All - they weren't there BEFORE you attacked Iraq, you numpties!


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