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They hate the infantry

They're trying as hard as possible to get rid of the close air support mission. This time they're using a trick my ex used - be so bad at it that no one wants you to try anymore.

With a fraction of the money, they could have re-tooled for the A10 or some improved variant that can hang around long enough to get the bad guys and ID the good guys to avoid friendly fire. But they don't want that mission (Except for the dedicated A10 pilots who I hear rarely have to buy their own drinks if ground pounders are around).

This beyond visual range stuff is great when it works, and it's been pushed since long before it ever worked - some people, like Spey think it's a bunch of bull even if it works sometimes, because sometimes it doesn't and whether it's doctrine or not - dogfights are gonna happen and it pays to be good at that - ask Israel.

This looks like one of the usual failing software projects - overpromise, underdeliver, be late, and claim they can patch whatever is wrong and anticipate all the edge cases. Yeah, right - but when your service falls over in the normal world, it's just a crash. In this case it's a CRASH and people die and stuff.

It's one thing when the BVR missiles went nuts in 'Nam. Now we can have whole planes do that?

War is about money. As another commenter mentioned, in asymmetric warfare, likely the only kind to be fought unless we have Einstein's WW3 after which there's nothing but sticks and stones - a cheap drone (not an remote controlled F-35,22,15,16, but something actually cheap) are gonna win that sphere of operations totally.

But we'll be ready for the last (imaginary in this case) war, you betcha.

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