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I flew the Grob Tutor, aka the Grob 115e from 5AEF at RAF Wyton while in the cadets. It was a nice plane, much better than the BAE Bulldog because of the faster climbing speed and lower operating costs, letting people fly more often*. Even if the Bulldog unit at Cambridge was more conveniently located for us.

* Fortunately I was in the ATC when the Tutor had just been introduced, and was in before the problems with the propellers detaching from the rest of the aircraft came up, although it's quite arguable that 5G+ stall turns and other exceptionally violent aerobatics we did might have made some contribution towards causing these problems a few years later on...

One wonders if Grob had any idea what sort of use these planes would be exposed to when they agreed to maintain them on a fixed price contract, the poor sods probably throught they'd be used like any other flying school.

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