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Huh what?!?!?

Maybe you are using it incorrectly....

When I said "Ok Google, call my wife", it responded, "Who is your wife?". When I said her name it said ok I now know Tamara as your wife and called her...

Using IFTTT I have EventGhost on my PC and have set up multiple actions such as:

"Hey Google, start my PC", "He Google, shutdown my PC", etc etc. The nice thing is I can also use my phone and when I am on the way back from the office can say "Hey Google, open up my work items" so that when I get to my home office all my relevant applications are ready for me.

The one drawback that I have to agree with is the constant "Hey Google". It would also be nice to change the activation word sequence to something of my own choosing like "Snape, do my bidding". I get alot of false activations if I forget to turn off the mic when watching videos on developing for Google Mini.

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