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Customers reporting credit card fraud after using OnePlus webstore

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There is an alternative idea as to how the credit agency listed my name and address. I recently agreed to give a young couple a large-ish gift towards buying their new house.

UK anti-money laundering processes meant my recent bank statements had to be provided to the mortgage broker, conveyancing solicitor, and Santander. Would Santander use my details to submit a credit check on me?

I fretted at the time that any photocopies possibly taken before returning the originals were a security risk to my account. I am now getting paranoid that those details might have been misused - possibly even as "proof of id" for nefarious purposes.

A few days before the Zopa junk mail I also received a travel company junk mail that used that same name/address format. Worrying - that version of my "formal" name has only been used for a limited number of legal identity uses - including recent renewals of my passport and driving licence. Even online credit card/PayPal transactions don't use it - and it is supposed to be excluded from the Electoral Roll sales.

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