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If you use RSView, FactoryTalk, RSLinx (Which is not only design time!) or Studio5k you are in for hurt from what I'm seeing.

I can't see Rockwell re-writing the 20+ versions of Studio5000 and its earlier incarnations. Which for the uninitiated is way worse than it sounds.

Each major release of the software conicides with a hardware version, so if you have a CLX5555 processor for example its compatible with version 11 to 14 firmware, which in turn means version 11 to 14 of the programming software, if you have a v15 hardware you need a totally new version of the programming software!

Which means there are dozens of versions of this crapware out there that are 10s of years old and one can bet that despite the horrifying cost of buying a license for 10 year old software they won't be updating to fix this issue

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