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In principle that's true, but you can still employ a step by which to further insulate yourself against CC fraud.

Go to your local big box store (EG: Walmart or Tesco) & purchase a refillable Visa debit card. Give it a balance of a hundred Dollars/Pounds/Euros/whatever. When you want to make a purchase online use the refillable card instead of your real one. That way if the purchase details get comprimised & "your CC details" are among the data that got swiped, all the crims got was a refillable card that won't do them any good after the current available balance is spent.

You can keep topping off the card via your real CC, but since your real CC isn't used to make the online purchases it's never the one at risk of getting screwed over.

If the refillable CC ever gets swiped (physicly) or the data stolen, you can simply go buy another one & carry on as if nothing had happened - your real CC is still safe, your financial details are still safe, & the crims only got the current balance on the card. Sure it hurts if you just topped it off & had a balance of a few hundred, but that is infinitely less painful than if they had nicked the real thing.

So go get yourself a refillable card & top it off. Use it to make your online purchases (& even your in person ones if you're paranoid) to insulate yourself against having your real one stolen. Since we don't trust the points of sale any longer, why should we risk our real cards when making a purchase at one?

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