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""Mass surveillance enacted in secret is fascism."

Or far more commonly it's a feature of communism / Trotskyism / socialism."

Fascism is a greatly misunderstood word, and I see posts like this all the time. Fascism is not a function of party politic; it is neither right nor left wing in nature, so this "debate" over whether Fascism is a property of right wingers (Trump, Nazis, the Conservatives), or that of left wingers (Sanders, Marx, Communists) is a nonsense.

Fascism describes an overly authoritarian governmental model that emphasizes control of the population, and the sublimation of the individual, in favour of empowerment of the state. This form of authoritarianism can be found in many instances of both contemporary and historical government.

It is widely held that the following features mark a fascist (authoritarian) government as such:

Nationalism or extreme patriotism, lack of human/civil/individual rights, identification of a unifying enemy, supremacy of the military, control of media, mass surveillance and social control, extreme national security, corporate power is protected, labour power is controlled, disdain for art and intellectualism, extreme police powers and uncompromising political rhetoric.

We identify fascism with the right wing more usually due to its origins in fascist Spain and Italy and its strong association with the rise of the Nazi philosophy, but it is far from absent in left wing national politics, being apparent in such places as north Korea and Cambodia (historically speaking).


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