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Most of the collected communications, especially in later years after exponential growth of Internet communication volume, has almost surely* been discarded, a large part of it because of legal retention limits, but mostly because automated filters reject it or administrative retention limits based on practical considerations are reached.

Not because it's morally reprehensible then? No, didn't think so.

*Nice bit of optimism there, but in these days of lies within lies it's dangerously naive to even contemplate. Don't forget, people have been referring to NSA activities for years and were ridiculed as 'tin-foil hatters'. Turns out most of those people *underestimated* the extent of the surveillance.

No, apologists for the NSA are going to have to run the same gauntlet now I'm afraid. If you don't think they are slurping everything, forever, in every way possible, then you are crazily naive. See how that works?

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