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"if they didn't know that municipal networks, run as a public service, were a threat to their crappy-as-possible shareholder-first monopolies"

The thing is, it's really nothing to do with them being run as a public service. The profits from things like broadband, and similarly for other utilities as well as fuel and other necessary things, are actually pretty small - usually around 1-2% at best. The important word there is "monopoly". They're not expensive because of shareholders, they're expensive because there's no competition. They're not worried that the public sector can do things cheaper, they're worried that absolutely anyone could do it cheaper. The only reason municipal networks are usually the ones involved is simply that they're the only ones with the power to take on the big cable networks - a decent size city or county has both the budget and the authority (until overruled by the state) to get something done in the way a private startup doesn't. Otherwise, it takes someone on the scale of Google to try to butt in, and few companies that size have any interest in actually doing so.

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