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It gets worse: Microsoft’s Spectre-fixer wrecks some AMD PCs

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"Why is it that I could predict these things happening" .......

Sadly it's a no win situation. Most non technical (and many technical people too) don't know if a patch is critical, pointless or potentially damaging so have no basis on which to accept or reject it. So either they follow the little security education they recall and say yes to patches or they don't bother with patching.

If you don't force security patches lots of people will never install them. My daughter is a prime example of this. In the Windows 7 days despite knowing she should patch she would always say "no" when offered a patch as she was only using the PC because she needed to use it at that moment, so didn't have time for a patch. When she gave me her malware infested machine to fix because it wasn't working I saw she hadn't allowed it to patch for over a year. At least with Windows 10 her PC stays patched, and as far as I can tell the forced updates are causing her little or no discernible grief.

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