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Who's king of the hyperconverged castle? Dell or Nutanix? It's not as clear-cut as it seems

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Nutanix can't hide those numbers, Cisco, VMWare, and Dell/EMC can

Apparently the divide between techies without a business understanding (or quote reading skills) and those that do have a business understanding still exists. Because 4 people (who gave thumbs up to the previous comment) think that Nutanix can distort DRAM at .01 when the rest of the quote shows what they are paying for the block/servers as a lump sum.

The quotes show a total cost for the block/server portion of the solution that is typically in the 10's of thousands. Then each of the individual components that make up the server such as memory, HDD, SSD, etc. are listed as .01. There is nothing for Nutanix to hide or distort because they can't. The entire amount of the hardware is there as are the software and services costs. If a solution is $200K, then all the $200K is represented in the solution.

Meanwhile, I have seen entire VxRail, HyperFlex and VSAN licenses bundled in at no charge to larger solutions. And yes, it happens all the time - I've seen all three multiple times this year alone. If larger solution is $1M, then all three companies (Dell/EMC, VMWARE, and Cisco) can run building techniques where VxRail, VSAN, or HyperFlex are placed into the larger deal and positioned as free or with massive discounts. Then when those PO's are processed back to Cisco and/or Dell/EMC/VMare, the $1M can be re-binned into whatever internal categories they want. Think about it. A customer could refresh a VMAX, Data Domain, and some RecoverPoint licenses, then add in a pair of "free VXrails" as a promotion to the customer. The customer thinks they are getting them for free....they sign off to the partner. Then, the product teams and finance re-bin the $1M into various categories. Using the same example, $600K for the VMAX, $50K for Recoverpoint, $150K for Data Domain, and then *$200K* into the VxRail bucket. The customer got them for free and Dell/EMC/VMware got to count $200K of that revenue as a VxRail sale. Happens all the time....I've resold all 4 solutions, Nutanix, VSAN, HyperFlex, and VXrail. I know what I am talking about. Clearly Nutanix has a lot better mind share than VSAN, VxRail, and HyperFlex.

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