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We've heard of data gravity – we're just not sure how to defy it yet

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It's not gravity - it's bulimia.

Companies are collecting data just for the sake of it. They hope one way, one day, to find a gold mine within. They are mostly collecting rubbish, like some hoarders. I would call it DHD, Data Hoarding Disorder.

They fear gateway, because it just mean to tell the customers data can actually processed and acted upon locally, probably by a Raspberry Pi-like machine. There's really no reason why a thermostat should send data to "the cloud" for processing. It does only because the maker believes it can magically create value from them.

We're going to flood networks and storage with data with no real value - data that could and should be processed locally to deliver the service they are collected for, without ever leaving the "premises".

But executives have been brainwashed into believing "data are money" - and they will collect everything just for fear if they don't, someone else will do and find the gold mine. It hasn't anything to do with physics - it's just another symptom about how much psychology matters in business decisions, and in the worst way.

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