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Hey listen everybody! I've just come up with some meaningless buzzwordy bullshit!

"As Khosla put it: "Most of these [data gravity causes] are not critical issues for 'once a year data anti-gravity' threat that CIOs need to hold over cloud vendors' head. "

I'm sre the CIOs are reading and re-reading this right now, trying to elicit some meaning from this priceless piece of piffle fthrough their new year hangovers.

To summarise the article for those similarly afflicted. when designing networks, databases and applications, you need to consider things like bandwidth, latency, transactional requirements and scalabilty. Aparently this shiny "new" revelation then needs to be dressed up in glutinuos verbiage, so that CIOs and CEOs don't realise that this is what their network and application architrects are already doing (or, kess charitably, should really be doing in far too many places).

I've implemented several versions of the "treat essential real time processing differently to the auditing and archiving of data for historical and analytical purposes" use case he seems to have just stumbled across for the first time, as have many other readers I should imagine. I guess mentioning "IoT" in conjunction with it makes it all new, somehow? The only "data anti gravity threat" I can imagine is that somebody uses the phrase at work in aparent seriousness and it finally sends me over the edge.

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