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Too much is being made of IP concerns

They are simply looking to sell DRAM and NAND for consumption within China. It won't be going into stuff made for export like iPhones and Dells, it will be going into products that are made in China, and sold in China to Chinese.

Micron, Samsung, etc. can whine all they want but the Chinese won't do anything to protect their IP for products sold within China. In a decade when they've done their own research and built up their own IP portfolio they'll be able to sell everywhere and the big guns will be forced to cross license with them. Of course, at the rate Chinese wages keep increasing, by then they might be the high cost supplier and be unable to compete...

This is how Samsung got to where they are - tech was basically stolen from Japan, they sold inside of South Korea for a while and eventually become a major player in their own right.

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