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Not from my experience. I sell to dealerships occasionally.

All the manufacturers produce parts unpainted. This is to prevent damage or fading. Our stock will turn up either black or primed. The customer then gets it painted at a garage to match their vehicle.

No one produces painted parts for the reason that packaging immediately adds more to the cost and we have to stock about 5 different colours at a much higher cost.

This way we can buy 15 bumpers, sell them for £50 a bumper. And the customer can get them painted for somewhere around £100 and the colour matched.

If they turn up painted they'll cost around £100+ and then even more to be painted in the correct shade since the original colour has to be taken off, and they'll have to be reprimed.

The only part i've ever had painted in all these years is Tigra bumpers and they sold them us in blue only (which is stupid because most of them are gloss black). They ended up being around £400 each + VAT, which meant we only sold the one and they got returned to manufacturer after 6 months since they were gathering dust (and they would be even harder to sell if they didn't match the original shade).

Your experience may differ, but even the biggest seller in Europe (Euro Car Parts) doesn't offer painted parts for the same reasons. Anyone offering painted parts is selling second-hand usually.

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