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Wrong, " debate " based on or using put-down phrases and dismissive labels is not worth taking notice of.

Actually no. That's a terrible cop-out. "Oh dear, someone uses a pet name for someone/something else. We can ignore any good point that they make because we have no real arguments and are looking for a pathetic excuse so we can worm our way out of our weakened sidethey used a term we don't like!"

It's at least as "childish" as the name-calling is often claimed to be, but often struggles even to reach the level of a 2-week old baby crying to get it's nappy changed.

If you run awayback out because someone used a naughty word you don't like, you show how weak your arguments are.

OTOH, by ignoring the petty "insult" (which aren't always, ref the number of people who lambaste El Reg for using "Boffin" and making such comments about how offended they are and how it weakens the argument yadda yadda yadda) and by arguing the points made you can actually strengthen your position, even with those who otherwise would not be willing to listen. Or to paraphrase Wozzisname, "Run off and prove the claims you're chicken are true, or stand up for your beliefs and show yourself to be the [strong person] you want others to believe in".

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