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"I learnt to drive, and make sure I drive well. I also work at watching the road and things around me to be able to see trouble before I'm in it.

That way, I don't need things like roll cages."

Your hubris is truly awe inspiring. "I can keep myself safe by my own actions, everything that happens to me is under my control".

Good luck with that bud!

So.. You're one of those idiots who drive along without paying attention to the road because "technology and armour" will protect you rather than actually taking actions to do things like watch what is happening on the road around you?

In New Zealand we have things like "defensive driving" courses, to teach people how to be better drivers. I am sure many other countries have the same things. For a start there's the Motorcycle Safety Foundation in the US, and I'm sure the UK has similar organisations. There's also the entire licensing system in many countries that test drivers to see if they are able to, among other things, spot hazards on the road and react in an appropriate manner to avoid an accident.

Are you saying that all of these things are wrong? What then, oh enlightened sir, should all of these countries use to replace them?

"I can keep myself safe by my own actions, everything that happens to me is under my control".

Close but not quite. I do everything I can to make sure everything possible is under my control and I won't get a nasty surprise. I keep my vehicle maintained - that way a sudden failure is unlikely. Not impossible, but unlikely, eg tyres at the correct pressure are less likely to get a puncture than tyres at a low pressure, parts of the drivechain correctly lubricated are unlikely to cease, as is a correctly lubricated and cooled engine. Parts replaced on a schedule or when showing wear (eg wheel bearings) mean they can be relied on to function well rather than failing.

I take my health into consideration when driving, preferably not while tired or sick but if I have to I allow for slower reaction times etc. And yes, I do consider what I eat and drink so I don't have a situation where I'm desperate for a leak and increasing my speed and decreasing my focus while trying to reach the next stopping point before my bladder decides it's had enough.

As best as I can I observe drivers around me. There's things about a car that can tell you if you have an arrogant driver or a sane driver. An older person constantly hitting the brakes perhaps has some vision issues and is unsure of themselves. A young person in a car with a loud exhaust (not faulty loud but modified loud) probably has a combination of higher arrogance, desire to show off (if passengers especially teenage male driver and female passenger) and lower experience and skills. A driver with their head craned to one side is quite possible tired, may even be nodding off. A driver weaving around in their lane could be drunk or having a medical event. A driver weaving out of their lane is about to crash - back well off. Window wipers coming on unexpectedly (without washer fluid) show a car the driver isn't entirely familiar with, and they're about to turn off/change lane etc (hit the wrong stalk).

A smell of diesel can suggest a spill on the road. "Dead rainbows" suggest a slick surface and also that for a little while afterwards your tyres will be slicker than normal. Smells of cattle/sheep manure suggest that there may have been a cattle truck nearby (with waste released) or perhaps a mob has been moved across/along a road. Other smells can tell you a lot about what's potentially coming up.

It's a matter of paying attention and adjusting your driving to possible risks.

I'm guessing when there's a pile of bright red lights ahead of you, you don't bother hitting the brakes as 'good luck with keeping yourself safe by your own actions'?

I seriously hope you don't drive, and if you do I seriously hope you either take some time to learn how to be a safe driver, or end up being stopped from driving until you do.

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