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"It messes with the head to think that there are such people who can actually manage the complex mental arithmetic that separates "inhale" from "exhale"

The problem was that many people voted "leave" based on the nonsense Farage et al were spouting, outright lies and vague promises, most of which were admitted to the day after the referendum.

As you can see from the posts here, there are those who voted to leave for other reasons. How many is another matter.

I did try and convince people that voting leave was at best a leap in the dark, and at worst possible economic suicide, but you cant compete with a torrent of nonsense and blinkered belief.

You tried, and for that - as a largely dis-interested outside party - I thank you. You tried to convince people of your beliefs.

In the election earlier this year we had the encumbant government engaged in a "campaign of fear", desperately trying to encourage voters to believe that to vote for the other side would lead to our children starving in the streets and so on (not quite so bad but...). It was close, but they lost. Even big and well-funded campaigns can fail if the people look at reality. There is hope that minds can be changed.

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