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Those people are too stupid to entrust with a vote, but sadly there's no way to take it away from them. And that is why we avoid giving them opportunities like the Brexit referendum.

We've had people in government who've said shit like that. Thankfully they're not in government any more.

The reason many of us don't want direct democracy is not that we wish to entrust politicians to be our betters and make the decisions we are to dumb to - politicians are just humans, most of them probably have a lower IQ than either yours or mine. But I don't want to spend my time going through committees and the like to work out what is right in these laws so I delegate that responsibility to my elected MP. I sometimes let them (and others) know what my views on the matter are, but mostly I vote for parties that broadly share my views in the hope&expectation that in smaller areas they will also share my views.

Sometimes this leads to stuff passing that I like, sometimes it leads to stuff passing that I dislike. The best option for me to change the "dislike" is to take direct involvement (ie become a politician), but that is not something I am willing to do.

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