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"in the UK a course on chainsaw maintenance, crosscutting and light felling takes 5 days"



What in the name of Paul Bunyan's whiskers takes five days?

I'm pretty sure I could teach housewives{ to strip, inspect, repair and rebuild chainsaws inside 2 days. 3 if it's a large class! How the hell one part of the course takes more than a few hours beats me! (or did TOP mean "a course on using chainsaws to maintain" rather than "maintaining chainsaws"?)

| By "housewife" I mean people who are quite useful in any regard but are generally clueless about anything technicalK, ie who could not change a light bulb or change a tyre.

z I taught a totally computer illiterate person who'd not even handled a screwdriver to change laptop screens inside an hour, and that's covering different models with different ways of taking them apart. Some laptops seem to have twice as many screws just in their screen as an entire brand-range of chainsaws.

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