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"It messes with the head to think that there are such people who can actually manage the complex mental arithmetic that separates "inhale" from "exhale"

The problem was that many people voted "leave" based on the nonsense Farage et al were spouting, outright lies and vague promises, most of which were admitted to the day after the referendum.

I met people who firmly believed that 30% of their tax went to the eu, that british car manufacturers were forced to sell their cars in Germany at less than cost, that the eu forced companies to relocate to Poland, and that foreign tourists could claim VAT back on purchases made in Britain but we couldn't do the same (yes I know you can claim back VAT but its a little more complex than the leave voter thought).

We had decades of made up "facts" about the eu - bendy bananas, 26000 words on the sale of cabbages, eu laws preventing us from deporting terrorists, 27 unelected men made all the laws in the eu and over our own country, etc etc, all of which were demonstrably false, but we were gleefully told that "we don't need experts".

I did try and convince people that voting leave was at best a leap in the dark, and at worst possible economic suicide, but you cant compete with a torrent of nonsense and blinkered belief.

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