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As posted above, the “race card” is a favourite of Remainers, as that is what they have been told to think Brexiters voted for. Unfortunately, the reasoning is precisely the opposite.

My reasons can be right or wrong, of course, but from my perspective it is very definitely the Remainers (if any) who are the Racists.

1) Fairly much the definition of Europe is “where the white people come from”.

2) I’m very pro-immigration for skills. In the voice of Mrs Merton, what first attracted you to handing out working rights for software engineers to poorly qualified white guys (and they are exclusively male) from the Czech Republic, rather than well qualified brown Indian men and women?

3) If you are white British, go through the EU passport line at an Italian airport happily and quickly and don’t think about it. Now look to your left, and see where your black British countrymen are. They are in the non-British line, being given a grilling. Now look at a Uk airport line: not discriminated in that way. This is the truth of “the EU

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