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Haven’t you? I don’t believe you have genuinely asked anyone in your social group.

What you list are certainly the reasons that the media story has officially sanctioned brexiteers to say. But they aren’t mine, and in particular they aren’t the reasons of the *educated middle classes* who support brexit. In the *educated middle classes*, I am in the minority, but by no means vanishing.

Here are my concerns:

1) I’ve had rather a lot to do, professionally, with various EU institutions. Including, for example, Horizon2020 R&D contracts. I’ve done over £40M of business with EU institutions *personally*, and £20M with UK government. My experience is that EU contracts are hugely mismanaged, and over-bureaucratic. Even by comparison with UK gov. They are also terrifyingly and explicitly corrupt. I have *personally* put together the commercial logics of each winning bid, to include a method to pay off the assessment panel. That is how the system works. Period. It is a huge waste of human and social capital. People like me saw the future, we worked within that system, and we have come back to report to you from our personal experience that shit stinks.

2) Not one of the benefits of “the EU” are anything at all to do with allowing the European Commission to intermediate. “freedom of movement”, “zero tariffs”, and “peace in our time” are not given to us by fiat by the EC. It is entirely possible to negotiate these directly by inter-governmental treaty. There is a strong argument that the chaos and death in Ukraine was directly caused by the broken promises and lies from Brussels. The death and poverty in Greece certainly is - and if you don’t think that is like the aftermath of a civil war, then you my friend live in a bubble of middle-class privilege.

3) I strongly favour free immigration of skills. I have worked in teams of Indian, Chinese, Russians, and Europeans. There are great engineers amongst them all, and crap ones. I see no reason at all why someone with brown skin should work twice as hard to get a work visa as someone from France. If you want to play the race card, the racists are the Remainers. Ask the Indians or Russians in your team how they voted, or would vote.

4) I have Jewish parentage. A rather close friend of mine tells me how life is today in Hungary - things are now very close to Kristallnacht there, all the senior professional posts (in both public and private sector) have been politically replaced. If one is Jewish and has any money, one is very quietly selling up and making plans. In Austria, the far right is now in government. And you want leaders of those governments to have an equal vote on my rights. Not in *my* lifetime, you don’t.

If one is Jewish, or gay, or black, Never Again. Not Here.

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