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"... though one person did rather half heartedly say "Health and Safety" but couldn't say which bit of law he didn't want). "

Please give them my regards and communicate the following to them:

In my experience, H&S regulations are stricter in the UK than in the rest of Europe.

Example 1: in the UK activities done above ground level are much more likely to be classified as 'working at height' than in NL.

Example 2: in the UK a course on chainsaw maintenance, crosscutting and light felling takes 5 days, in NL 3 days. And in the UK you have fewer students per instructor than in NL.

Example 3: installing and maintaining central heating boilers has been strictly regulated in the UK for yonks. In NL that's deregulated, though regs will be introduced in about a year or so (about time, methinks).

So Brexit will not have any effect on H&S legislation. In fact most H&S legislation is national, as far as H&S is concerned the EU is mostly (but not exclusively) involved in setting standards for ladders, safety glasses, machinery, etc. How you work safely with that kit is a national matter.

(In my view the higher H&S standards in the UK are often a good thing. Admittedly, H&S is used as an excuse by jobsworths to make life difficult for others, but that has nothing to do with the regulatory environment. Often their objections are actually a figment of their imagination, not based on H&S law/regulations.)

Industry also has form in this. I mentioned before that the UK construction site safety passport system is more bureaucratic than that in NL, without providing greater safety.

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