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Interesting point that. I've as yet been unable to find anyone I've chatted with (among Brexit voters) who seems to have an explanation for their choice beyond a slogan. Reduce immigration. But why? One person said that wages will go up without foreign competition. Will they? Is there any evidence for that? Slogans. Take back control. But what control do you think you'll have that you don't already have? Which laws would you really want different? ( The only answer I've been given, by three of four people, was immigration again, though one person did rather half heartedly say "Health and Safety" but couldn't say which bit of law he didn't want). A few people said that we'd be able to trade with the world again, but didn't know of any (legal) trade we couldn't have already. And I've heard of people who say "all that European bureaucracy" which I kind of sympathise with - but not enough to tear up the whole agreement for. All slogans so far. I'd love to see some evidence that it could all turn out well. I'm old enough not to have to face the consequences. My kids are young adults. They've got to live in the post-Brexit world.

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