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I've already done a longer reply. But the basic answer to the question " why didn't the Remainers mount a larger or at least equivalent campaign to present their views?" is that the referendum was triggered by those with a passionate view point, who had been actively building up support for years. They already had confirmation bias and raised motivation on their side. For example, the lies on the side of a bus were still being accepted even after they had been shown up. Whereas every warning about the potential risks of Brexit was lumped into "Project Fear".

The Brexiteers and their leaders had an axe to grind. They were strongly motivated. They had been hammering home a message for years. The message about the advantages of the EU were never going to gain the same traction during the campaign as fear of immigration, the belief that our laws were somehow radically different to how we would have wanted them to be because they came from the EU, the failure to balance what the EU put into our economy ( as in development grants) with what we paid.

Those who didn't want to leave include an awful lot of people who hadn't any reason to get excited by whether we were in the EU or not. Weren't as passionate about staying as Brexiteers were about leaving. But strength of feeling should not, in our system, count more than actual numbers. In an ordinary vote it doesn't. There are likely to be similar proportions of passionate/casual supporters on both major parties' sides. And if the less motivated don't like the outcome they can change it in five years time But in getting voters out for a referendum it does make a difference.

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