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The logic behind this is that a small majority of those who voted chose Leave, but those who did not vote are not the same as those who fail to vote in elections. Because the referendum was triggered by the push of group who were motivated to demand to leave, and so to turn out on the day. This is an unusual skew to normal voting patterns. Whereas those who did not vote, because they were not pushing for a radical change, were simply doing apathy as normal. The Brexiteers can claim to have won, with this slim margin. But they can not claim to hold the support of the majority of the population. Because those who did not vote have not supported this change. Had the vote gone the other way that would not have been mirrored. Brexiteers would not have been able to claim that the apathetic non-voters did not want to remain, because they still would not have been saying that they wanted change. In other words the burden of proof is on those who want to change any given status quo. Idiotically the referendum was held with no threshold for the change vote. So a tiny percentage difference means that the minority who actively wanted to leave is pulling the majority who did not seek change. And that isn't even taking into account the group who will have become 18 years old by the time we leave. A group who would be old enough under the existing rules to have a say in whether we leave or not, but will not get that chance. Again, this is not the same as a general election. After an election the new government stats pretty much immediately, we don't vote for a government to start in two years time. And anyone who turns 18 after an election knows that there will be another along quite soon. The current 17 and recent 18 year olds will not be able to vote in a referendum to take us back in. And this does matter because we know that the voting pattern was also skewed by age. Those who are younger being more likely to want to remain. Those who are older being less likely to be around to suffer the consequences.

Or to put it more simply. This is the tail wagging the dog.

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