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I don't think anyone would have had a problem if the govt had said they needed a 2/3rd majority for exit.

Wow. So you have a population of 46,500,001 registered voters, and say 34,870,000 of them voted "LEAVE" while only 1,498,071 vote "STAY"

And you somehow think it's "democratic" or appropriate that 1,498,071 get their way while 34 million don't?

It messes with the head to think that there are such people who can actually manage the complex mental arithmetic that separates "inhale" from "exhale".

The matter is simple. It was a vote on a basic yes/no line (which yes, perhaps could've been handled better). If you wanted to stay then your job was to get out and get other people to join your side and vote for what you believed best. The leave side got a little over a million votes more than the stay side. These people voted for what they wanted (wrong or otherwise). If you really wanted the UK to stay in the EU then you had one simple job, convince others of your viewpoint. You failed in that task.

Reminds me of a mate who refused to vote in this year's general election. He did not get the outcome he wanted. Somehow other people are to blame, despite the amount of air he expended telling others how he did not intend to vote for the party he wanted because he believed they could do it without him. I could see it was a close deal so I encouraged people of both sides to register, encouraged them to vote for who they preferred, talked over the many issues as best as I could, and even offered help with transport to polling places. You have to fight for the outcome you want, and if you don't fight for it then assume the blame lies with you for failure.

If 500,000 remainers each got one of the non-voters to vote to remain, you'd have had your wish. That's not a very big ask really.

(And if you did fight for it, you have my appreciation and my apology for assuming you didn't)

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