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great product but fell behind...

as an ex employee I have to say that Tintri is a great product that just wasn't driven in the right direction from management

it performs great, its easy to use, and the customers love it but the problem is that the management wanted to take it in a different direction than how the customers wanted to use it so eventually there were lots of closed doors because of the lack of feature sets and the mis directed road maps...

the big mistake the management made is that they didn't listen to the feed back from the customers and they tried to turn a storage company into something else (a cloud company) which confused customers and eventually drove them away

and now sadly even if a customer likes Tintri, smart ones won't bet their careers on it (like in the previous comments) because of it's horrible market performance

I honestly believe that if the management could realize their mistakes and try to provide customers the features they need, which are table stakes for most storage companies, they could easily turn it around but it could be too late at this point based on the current market ratings...

maybe one positive quarter would be enough to get them more cash but when the CEO says they are looking for a buyout that typically isn't a good sign and he is probably just trying to keep the current employees from abandoning the ship

It will be interesting to see what happens in the next qtr

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