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Not even when (not if) you get blindsided by a reckless, speeding drunk driver?

Quite right. I have literally "been there done that".

And I avoided the crash because, with training, constant practice to reinforce the training and keep me up on how my vehicle handles in extreme situations (means getting out to an empty car park (and gravel and grass etc) and throwing it around), and keeping my eyes and ears open, I was able to notice them coming and NOT be in the same place as them.

It's not impossible to avoid these things if you have your eyes and ears open, and your brain engaged. And if you practice + know your vehicle you don't have to think about how to react, you don't have to think about how much pressure to apply to the brakes to get the maximum stopping power, you don't have to think about how much to turn the steering to turn suddenly to get out of their path, you've already taught your system exactly how to get where you want to go. Add a positive use of "target fixation" into the mix and there is very little chance you'll ever need to use those safety features.

I've done a lot of Friday and Saturday night riding through main-road rural New Zealand. I've had plenty of experience at avoiding drunken idiots.

(actually add watching your food/fluid intake to my list in the previous post - if you're busting for a piss or trying desperately to keep the curry you had for dinner from coming out early, you're not focusing on the world around you - and if you ever do have a "pucker moment", it just got messier...)

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