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Yeah it's totally unwarranted because those numbers are just lying, aren't they?

Listen, Mr. Engineer--the product was technically far far superior as a VM only platform when it was introduced, nothing else came close to it performance or simplicity wise.

That technical lead has been eroded by legacy players catching up, and all flash players eliminating a lot of the advantages Tintri once had through sheer brute force. Tintri is still in the lead in many ways, but the VALUE of that lead continues to shrink every quarter. It's still just a small appliance for SMB/SME.

C suite management and marketing have been a TRAIN WRECK from day one, and many Tintri people I know who left the company over the last 4 years have said exactly these things as reasons for leaving. Great product, terrible management.

Now, the problem is, there is no more cash to raise, and the burn rate means Tintri = Tegile in 2018. A buyout for the balance sheet (debt) and picking up payroll when the stock craters (further) to delisted status. THAT is the reality, when you're a public company, you cannot spin these things endlessly.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, love, Anon.

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