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One of the resonating post-referendum sounds has been Brexiteers shouting loudly and repeatedly that the country has voted to leave, and using rather nasty propagandist tricks to try to smother any opposition (Using words and phrases like "Remoaners" to denigrate any opposition, for example). And stating that we voted to leave so that is the end of the story and who are we (i.e. anyone with doubts or second thoughts let alone Remainers) to cast doubt on that. In reality, the country voted by a small margin to Leave, with some drastically awful campaigning ( on all sides) and no real understanding of what leaving would look like, largely because the Leave campaign obfuscated all the arguments with outrageous claims (like that infamous NHS bus). The reason that the Brexit campaigners are struggling so hard to prevent any reconsideration is that they have gained their prize and are terrified that the country will take it away if allowed to think again.

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