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It was a referendum on a complex issue, the outcome of which had the potential to change this country for years to come, yet the choice was reduced to a simple Yes or No.

Isn't that largely true of any general election as well, though? Anything other than a binary question would have led to so many options that it would have served no useful purpose in terms of making a decision.

You could have asked "Do you want Brexit to be hard/soft/firm with a runny yolk/etc.?" but then you'd have had to ask the same for the Remain side of the equation, how people want EU participation to be in the future. Unfortunately that ship has sailed 25 years ago, we have no control at all over what Remain would look like, so trying to nuance Exit would have been somewhat unbalanced. Personally if I'd had a choice between a return to the EEC or Brexit I'd have gone for the former, but only the EU parliament as a whole could offer that and those turkeys will never vote for that Christmas.

I do agree that campaigners on both sides played to stereotypes, but that's what politicians do. It's up to the people who vote to make sure they understand the issues. Few bother.

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