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@AC with the spoon fed dribble.

I don't need spoon feeding of dribble. The lobbyists in question work for the telecoms companies, all of the *big three(four?)* here in Canada. They all have this one neat trick for making money hand over fist (click here, now to learn it). They have absolutely zero obligation to the consumer, the only obligation is to the stock price/shareholder, and **laws and regulations**

I recall my first DARPA (9600kb/s modem) connection to a college system. And the attempts to get connected to the "interwebs" in the 90's. And the data costs. At least up here we have the equivalent of LLU, and there *ARE* competitors.

And I have some little experience with the telecoms industry.

I sincerely hope that the lawsuits against the FCC steamroller out the issue clearly. I hope that someone sues Pai himself directly into revealing where *EVERY* penny he has ever earned, invested, spent, viewed or been within 10 yards of came from.

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