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pointless referendum on a stupid question

So pointless and stupid that hardly anyone voted, and those that did rejected it utterly? Oh, wait...

It was a referendum on a complex issue, the outcome of which had the potential to change this country for years to come, yet the choice was reduced to a simple Yes or No.

There was no effort to quantify the ramifications of either choice, or outline the details of what they meant. The question asked was simplistic and naive, playing to broad stereotypes when the issue it purported to address is quite nuanced. This has resulted in widely different views of what should happen next with each camp claiming they represent the 'view of the people' leading to arguing, infighting and a pointless election rather than any real or meaningful progress on dealing with the outcome.

Seems pretty stupid to me.

Edit: To clarify, I think the referendum was stupid and clumsily handled. I recognise the issue it attempted to address is important to many people.

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