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If you work with the public you can absolutely believe things like this happen. I've had people at work so thick I can't believe they are able to function. Some examples off the top of my head with my response in brackets:

*"Won't all bumpers cost the same?" (Yes...Because obviously Ford and Ferrarri charge the same prices...)

*Customer presents part upside down "This is wrong". (You're holding it upside down. "Oh".)

*From yesterday - "My bill was £180, why are you charging me £220?" (You just added a part that costs £40. This went on for 25 minutes as i tried to teach him basic maths. Another person even joined in to help him)

*Customer presents part for return and states that it "doesn't fit", then when I open the box to look quickly adds "Oh, we never opened the box!" (How did you try to fit it without opening the box? Or are you lying because you've broken it?)

*"Do you sell parts for a blue car" (Loud headslapping sound followed by laughter)

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