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I had a number of NHS clients in my first role, all of whom had their... let's say "eccentricities", for politeness' sake. But the one that springs to mind in this case were very twitchy and, apparently, had an aversion to reading...

So we've installed an update to their system, and a couple of days later they call us saying that they are getting this "weird error message", can we please come and take a look. I say "okay, well can you tell me the actual message you're seeing - chances are we can fix this over the phone". No go - they weren't at their desk so they didn't have the exact message, can someone please come out...

This exchange goes on for a while before my boss intervened, booked me into a hotel and told me to go take a look. So I have my night away (hotel was very nice, would have been great if not for the fucking seagull outside my window waking me up all night), and got on site the following morning.

And the error message?

"This report needs to make a complete scan of your archived data, and may require some time to run. Do you wish to proceed?"

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