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5 reasons why America's Ctrl-Z on net neutrality rules is a GOOD thing

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"I think that it is the Second Amendment, the Amendment that is also responsible for the fact that there are more weapons in the US than people to fire them"

it's more about the right to self defense, including the formation of a private militia (or a state one, like National Guard). It is ALSO based on the idea of individual citizens protecting themselves against an OPPRESSIVE GOVERNMENT. The basic idea is that when a government disarms its people, they are easier to OPPRESS. And so, to help prevent the U.S. gummint from becoming OPPRESSIVE [as governments are inclined to do] the citizens of the U.S. are *SUPPOSED* to be able to own weapons and NOT have this right "infringed" by regulations, etc.. What's screwed up, however, is that certain states (like California, New York) or cities (Chicago, Detroit) don't respect this, because they *ARE* becoming OPPRESSIVE, which is why they seek to DISARM THE CITIZENS so they can GET AWAY WITH IT.

besides, how hard is it to make your own guns, ammo, explosives, etc. ANYWAY when "teh intarwebs" exists??? And when you crminalize the ownership of weapons, even for self defense, you turn otherwise law abiding citizens, who ONLY want to PREVENT crime, into CRIMINALS. "The cops" can't be everywhere, except to DRAW A CHALK LINE AROUND THE BODY after you're KILLED by a CRIMINAL [who doesn't CARE about laws, and owns ILLEGAL guns ANYWAY].

in any case, the NRA has done plenty of studies on conceal/carry permits vs crime rates, and it demonstrates that private citizens carrying weapons is a DETERRENT to gun crimes. It should be EVERYWHERE, and even if conceal/carry requires some kind of a liability insurance policy, that's fine with me. Just let people who are NOT criminals carry weapons if they want to, LEGALLY, so that when some gunman points his insanity at the world, responsible gun owners can KILL HIM TO DEATH and prevent tragedies. And so on.

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